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How to take care of your leather bag

Polishing time:

10-15 minutes




Just like your shoes, your leather bags are in need of some tender, love and care from time to time. Saphir Médaille d'Or Lotion is perfect for the job. After a while your leather bag can start to dry out and look pale. This happens through normal daily use. The colour of your(for example) brown leather bag becomes a lighter shade and the normally smooth and soft leather can become a little more rough and brittle than it used to be. Of course, we want to prevent this from happening. Not only because it looks a lot better when your bag is maintained regularly, but also because you will be able to enjoy your bag for much longer. Dried out leather can start to crack and tear if not looked after. With Saphir Lotion you prevent this from happening. Saphir lotion contains plant based and animal based oils that nourish the leather. After brushing your bag it will also give a nice shine to your bag.

How to take care of your leather bag

Step 1.

Prepare your bag

To prepare your bag for the treatment you are going to give it, it is important that you remove any dust and dirt from the bag. The best way to do this is to give your bag a quick dusting off with a horsehair brush.

Step 2.

Treating your leather bag

Take the Saphir Lotion and apply a bit of the conditioner to an applicator cloth. Afterwards, apply a thin layer over the leather of your bag. Try to gently massage it into the leather using swirling motions. Please note you only need a little so try to apply a small amount of conditioner each time and work your way around the bag untill every part is covered. Afterwards, let the lotion sink into the leather for about 5-10 minutes. You will notice that your bag probably turned a little darker. This is normal, due to dry leather being lighter in colour. It will slowly turn lighter by itself with time. Brush your leather bag with a horsehair brush, the leather will start to shine nicely and is yet again nourished.

Step 3.


To give your leather bag a little extra protection you can use a leather spray. We recommend using Saphir Médaille d'Or natural protector which is a water based protective spray. Your bag is already well nourished thanks to the lotion so a water based spray is better suited at this moment. Spray the entire bag and let is sit for about 30 minutes. For optimal protection repeat this step one more time.

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