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Guide: The right clothes hanger for you

Why go for a luxury clothes hanger?

A well-organized wardrobe starts with the right clothes hangers. Whether you want to keep your garments neat, optimize your wardrobe, or simply create a sense of order and overview, clothes hangers play a crucial role. On The Shoe Care Shop's website, you will find an extensive collection of clothes hangers that meet various needs and preferences. In this article, we will discuss the different types of clothes hangers from The Shoe Care Shop and discover which ones best suit your clothing style and organizational needs.

Clothes hangers

Suit hangers

A good suit hanger is a must-have for your wardrobe. A good suit hanger provides optimal support for your suits. Additionally, our suit hangers are equipped with a trouser bar with rubber coating, ensuring that your pants stay neatly in place on the hanger. Our suit hangers are available in two variants: our wooden suit hanger and our luxury extra-wide suit hanger. Both models are equipped with broad shoulder supports to prevent wrinkles in your suits.

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Clothes hanger

Clothes hangers for shirts and sweaters

A luxury shirt hanger is the ideal addition to your wardrobe. When it comes to a shirt hanger, it is important that it closely follows the contours of your shirt to ensure that your garment maintains its original shape. Cheaper hangers are often completely flat and therefore not suitable for higher-quality shirts. Our shirt hangers are made of beautiful thick wood, preventing wrinkles from forming.

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Clothes hanger

Trouser bar hangers

Are you looking to create order for your pants? By hanging them, you'll need to fold them less to store them. The rounded pant bar ensures that little to no crease forms at the point where you hang the pants.

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Clothes hanger

Cedarwood clothes hanger

These luxurious cedar wood clothes hangers are suitable for almost all your garments, from casual polos to business shirts. The cedar wood clothes hangers are made from extra thick untreated cedar wood. Cedar wood has the unique property of repelling moths, and in addition, it has a wonderfully fresh scent.