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Different types of shoe shine brushes

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Introduction shoe shine brushes

Perhaps you already had a look at our large collection of shoe shine brushes and wondered: Which brush do I need for my shoes? No worries, it is a valid question. In this guide we try to give you more information on the different brush types and their qualities.

The do it all

Horsehair shoe shine brushes

Every shoe shine set needs a horsehair shoe shine brush. This is the brush you can use universally for multiple jobs, but mainly for shining shoes. You can also use a horsehair brush to dust off your shoes and light cleaning (hence you didn't already use them to shine shoe polish with). Besides that there are also applicator brushes made with horsehair.

Horsehair is exactly firm enough to create a lovely shine without taking the shoe polish off you just applied. Some people prefer a slightly firmer bristle brush. In that case we recommend a boar hair shoe shine brush.

The firmer alternative

Boarhair brushes

A boar hair brush is in general a bit firmer than a horsehair brush. This has it's advantages, such as that it can be used as a cleaning brush as well since the firmer bristles allows for more dirt to be removed from the leather. A boar hair bristled is also better suited for coarser leather types such as pebble grain leather. This brush effectively removes any excessive cream and wax from in between the structure of the leather while shining.

Velvety softness

Goathair brushes

Goathair brushes are mostly used as a finishing and dusting brush. A great brush to simply touch up your shoes with before heading to work. Because this brush is so soft, it is also the ideal brush for delicate and exotic leather types.

Goat and yak hair brushes are also commonly used for clothing brushes. Because the bristles are so soft the brush doesn't pull on the fabric preventing pilling.

The perfect cleaning brush

Synthetic brushes

A synthetic brush is the perfect candidate for any scrubbing and cleaning brush. For high-end /delicate luxury shoes you might want to use a slightly softer brush such as a boarhair or horsehair brush, but for sneakers and boots this is the perfect brush.

A synthetic bristle brush is more hygenic to use and dries up quicker because the bristles do not absorb any of the water.

The brush for suède and nubuck

Crêpe brush

For suede and nubuck crêpe is the ideal brush to use. The soft rubber folds remove any dirt and loose material from your suede shoes. Brushing your suède shoes with a crêpe brush will also restore the natural looks to the suede without creating marks or scratches in the leather. Especially nubuck can be sensitive to this. So try to avoid using a brass brush if you can during regular maintanance on your suede and nubuck shoes and instead go for one of the crêpe brushes available on our website.

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