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Shaving brushes

  • Mühle Shaving set Rytmo - black
    Mühle Shaving set Rytmo - black

    Shaving set Rytmo - black


    This 4 piece shaving Rytmo set by Mühle comes with a Safety razor, fibre hair brush and practical shaving bowl. All nicely put away in a chrome sta...

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  • Mr. Nice Shaving giftbox - brush
    Mr. Nice Shaving giftbox - brush
    Mr. Nice

    Shaving giftbox - brush


    Luxury shaving giftbox with luxury shaving brush. This fun giftbox comes with a nice shaving cream and a badger hair shaving brush. The set is pac...

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Why a shaving brush?

Shaving brushes are an important part of men's shaving routine. They not only help create a close shave, but also provide a wonderful shaving experience. There are different types of shaving brushes available on the market. Below we discuss three popular types of shaving brushes.

Mühle is one of the most popular shaving brush brands. They offer high-quality shaving brushes made of different materials such as badger hair, synthetic hair and pig hair. Mühle brushes are handmade and offer excellent performance and durability. Their designs are also stylish and elegant, making them a great addition to any bathroom.

Shaving brushes with synthetic badger hair

Synthetic badger hair shaving brushes are a great alternative to traditional badger hair shaving brushes. They are often cheaper and have similar performance to their natural counterparts. Synthetic badger hair brushes are also ideal for vegans and people who are allergic to animal products. They are easy to maintain and dry faster than natural badger hair brushes. Logically, these brushes are also animal-free and therefore better for the environment.

Shaving sets with shaving brush

Shaving brush sets are a great way to take your shaving routine to the next level. These sets contain a shaving brush, razor and sometimes shaving soap or shaving cream. This allows you to create a luxurious shaving experience at home. Shaving set shaving brushes are available in different materials such as wood, metal and plastic and are suitable for different budgets.