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The importance of good shoe trees

Polishing time:

10-15 minutes




Some people think that shoe trees are an unnecessary purchase, but it is actually essential to a complete shoe care routine.
It's all in the cedarwood. The cedarwood isn't only for the looks but actually serves a function. When unvarnished, cedar protects the leather, fabric, stitching and soles of your shoes by absorbing moisture, salts and acid. And that is exactly what your dress shoes need after a long day of wearing them.

Shoe tree guide

More information on how to use our shoe trees and their fit.

Different models shoe trees

What is the difference between a full foot model pair of cedar shoe trees versus a pair of travel shoe trees?

One of the key differences between a pair of luxury double spring cedar shoe trees and the more simple travel shoe trees is their weight. A pair of cedar shoe trees weighs about 1kg per pair and is therefore better suited for home use. The simple shoe trees only weigh 200 grams hence we call them travel shoe trees since they can be easily taken in a suitcase.

Shoe tree advice and tips

Place a pair of cedar shoe trees in your shoes immediately after taking them off. The leather is still warm and flexible which makes it easier for the shoe tree to keep your shoes in the right shape and to smooth out creases, linings and wrinkles. Do not wear your shoes two days in a row, wearing your shoes every other day will keep them in better shape. Lightly sand your cedar shoetrees once a year (use sandpaper with a grit of 200 or higher). That way the cedar shoe tree maintains its effectiveness. If your shoes get wet, put your shoes on their side and let them dry in this position. After most of the excess moisture/rain has dripped from the shoes you can put in the shoe trees.

Step 3.

Why cedar shoe trees?

You might be wondering why most shoe tree models you see online are made out of cedarwood? It is because of the natural qualities that cedarwood possesses. Our Sir Beecs cedar shoe trees are for example made out of 100% untreated young American cedarwood which contains a lot of natural cedar oil. This oil neutralizes bacteria and has a great smell. Besides the oil, cedarwood also has a greater moisture absorbtion rate compared to other wood types hence it is preferred. The least effective are lacquered shoe trees since they do not absorb any moisture.

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