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Shoe care valet Distinctivo Saphir

Choose your brush set

Beautiful in-house designed Distinctivo shoe care valet, finished in glossy black piano lacquer and comes with a comprehensive Saphir Médaille d'Or shoe care set. The shoe care valet for the true shoe enthusiast!

This stunning and luxurious shoe care valet (36 x 26 x 18.5cm) is of the highest quality, high-gloss lacquered, and finished with brass hardware. With this valet, you can truly polish your shoes in style. Our team has taken care of the design of the shoe care valet, making the Distinctivo exclusively available at The Shoe Care Shop. During the design process, extra attention was paid to the functionality of the valet without compromising on its beauty. The valet has an easily removable tray with compartments to neatly and organized store your shoe care products. In the lower compartment, you can store your brushes and other shoe care tools.

With the comprehensive shoe care set, you have all the necessary items to properly care for your leather and suede products, ensuring they last longer and remain in optimal condition.

Upgrade your brushes

Our Distinctivo comes standard with our own brand of 100% horsehair shoe shine brushes. Our favourite here at The Shoe Care Shop. These brushes are the perfect tools to apply and shine shoe polish with. If you want to have your entire set in the Saphir Médaille d'Or colours you can upgrade your brushes for an additional cost. The Saphir Médaille d'Or brushes are made with a stiffer (boar hair) bristle for those who prefer that.

How to use this set optimally?

If your shoes are at least one year old and you polish them regularly, start by wiping them off with Renomat. This removes much of the old shoe polish so you can start fresh. Then use Renovateur to properly nourish them. If your shoes are relatively new, start by applying Renovateur. Keep in mind that after applying everything, you need to brush the shoes to remove any residue or, in the case of cream and shoe wax, to give them a shine. After you have applied the Renovateur, move on to the shoe cream and shoe wax, which are plentiful in this shoe care valet.

How to pick the right colour shoe polish

This shoe shine box contains everything you need to take good care of your shoes. Our advice is to start with a neutral shoe cream and shoe wax as you can use it on all colours of shoes. Do you especially want to treat black shoes? Then use black shoe wax and shoe cream. For a complete overview of all available colours from Saphir Médaille d'Or be sure to check our Saphir Médaille d'Or colour guide.

How to use

Saphir Médaille d'Or Pate de Luxe shoe wax

This luxury shoe wax is 100% natural and contains seven different types of wax, such as animal and vegetable waxes and minerals. Each type of wax has a special property, including shine, fragrance, nourishment, softening and protection.

The wax is specially formulated to give a high-quality shine to your leather shoes. Pate de Luxe is based on pine turpentine and carnauba wax (which is extracted from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree). Due to this completely natural formula, the difference with another shoe wax is immediately noticeable. With this wax, you keep the shine of your shoes and in combination with our other products your shoes stay as good as new.

Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier shoe cream

This Pommadier shoe cream is 100% natural care for your leather shoes. The cream contains animal oils, shea butter, beeswax and seven other nourishing types of wax. Due to the natural formula, the cream not only forms a protective layer on the shoe, but the cream also absorbs immediately. As a result, it protects the shoe from the inside.

Saphir Médaille d'Or Lotion (125ml)

This lotion, based on beeswax and ultra-nourishing mink oil, cleans, cares for and protects all your leather products. The lotion is essentially a lighter version of the Saphir Renovateur and provides a matte shine. Very suitable for shoes, bags and jackets, but also larger leather items such as furniture and car interior.

Saphir Medal d'Or Renovateur

Renovator Cleaner and Conditioner is like liquid gold for your favourite pair of shoes. It is an absolute "must-have" for every lover of beautiful shoes. The formula, based on mink oil, provides your shoes with much-needed nutrients that keep the leather supple and soft. Renovateur is Saphir's best-known and most popular product for a reason. With this cream, your leather products remain in optimal condition.

Saphir Renomat

With this leather cleaner you can remove old layers of shoe polish. To keep your shoes beautiful for as long as possible, it is best to remove the old shoe polish and rebuild everything from scratch. Also, take a look at our video tutorial in which this complete cleaning is described. Renomat is also suitable for cleaning the application brushes.

Saphir Medal d'Or Super Filler

This spray is ideal for the protection and maintenance of all your leather, suede, nubuck and textile products. The spray has a water-resistant effect and protects against stains and dirt. Super Invulner contains no silicone, so you can safely use it for all your luxury leather and textile items.

Saphir Crepe brush for suede and nubuck

This brush is made of soft crepe (a natural rubber) and is used to clean and restore suede, but especially nubuck. Nubuck is a type of leather that is slightly finer than suede. This makes it very delicate and a traditional suede brush will ruin the leather. The softness of the crepe in combination with the texture makes this brush ideal for cleaning and maintaining nubuck.

Saphir Gommadin Suede & Nubuck Cleaner

Gommadin is a soft rubber block used to treat stains and imperfections in suede and nubuck. It is extremely suitable for restoring your shoes to their original condition. The coarse structure of the block ensures that stains disappear without affecting the suede or nubuck.

Product specs The luxurious shoe care valet contains the following products:

• 2x Cotton application cloth by Saphir;
• 3x Polish applicator brushes, 100% horsehair (1 dark, 2 light);
• 3x Shine brushes, 100% horsehair (1 dark, 2 light);
• 2x DD shoe shine cloth (100% cotton);
• 4x Saphir Médaille d'Or wax shoe polish, Pate de Luxe (50ml), in the colours 01 black , 02 neutral, 03 light brown en 05 dark brown;
• 4x Saphir Médaille d'Or cream shoe polish, Pommadier (75ml), in the colours 01 black , 02 neutral, 03 light brown en 05 dark brown;
• 2x Saphir Médaille d'Or Renovateur (75ml), colourless renovating cream;
• 1x Saphir Médaille d'Or Lotion (125 ml). Especially for cleaning, nourishing and protecting the leather;
• 1x Saphir Renomat leather cleaner;
• 1x Natural Crèpe brush for suede and nubuck;
• 1x Saphir Gommadin for suede, nubuck and velvety leather, cleans and takes off shine;
• 1x Saphir Omninettoyant suede cleaner;

Optional: upgrade your brushes to Saphir Médaille d'Or brushes

• 3x Médaille d'Or applicator brushes, 100% boar hair (1 dark, 2 light)
• 3x Médaille d'Or shine brushes, 100% boar hair (1 dark, 2 light)
• 2x Médaille d'Or Pommadier brush, 100% boar hair;
• 2x Saphir professional shoe shine cloth (100% cotton)

The dimensions of the valet are 36 x 26 x 18,5 cm.

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