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Shoe care starters set

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Size shoe trees
Colour shoe cream

Get everything you need to take good care of your leather shoes with our deluxe starters set.

This set allows you to maintain your shoes using the best products by Saphir Médaille d'Or. Start by treating your shoes with the Pommadier cream for a lush velvet shine and recolouring if necessary.  Pommadier cream also provides the basic protection your leather shoes need thanks to the beeswax included in it's formula. The set covers all your basic needs in terms of shoe care brushes and cloths and even comes with a nice shoe bag to store your shoes in. Last, but not least you get a pair of luxury cedar shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape. 

Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier shoe cream
The Pommadier shoe cream is a 100% natural based shoe care product for leather shoes. The cream consists of animal oils, Shea butter, beeswax and seven other types of nourishing waxes.
Because of the natural formula Pommadier shoe cream is based on, you get a protective layer on top of your shoes which still allows the leather to breathe. The cream is also very easy to absorb by the leather, which allows it to nourish the leather from within.

Cedar shoe trees in luxurious design
With free shoebag, useful for traveling. The adjustable split-toe enables you to adapt the tree to your shoe. Aromatic cedar is famous for its natural benefits. When unfinished, cedar protects the leather, fabric, stitching and soles of your shoes by absorbing moisture, salts and acid. Cedar trees smooth out creases, linings and wrinkles in your shoes, making your shoes last longer and look better. Because of the spring tension design of our cedar trees, your shoes also feel more comfortable. Additionally the aromatic cedar deodorizes your shoes with a forest-fresh scent.

Product specs Our shoe care startersset contains the following products:

• 1x pair of Sir Beecs cedar shoe trees
• 1x Saphir Médaille d'Or cream shoe polish, Pommadier
• 1x polish applicator brush en 1 shine brush, 100% horsehair (dark or light)

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