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Shoe care service - new shoes

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Let your just-bought shoes be shined by a professional with the shoeshine service we offer at The ShoeCare-Shop. We all know shoes you have just bought look nice, but they do not have that finish a well-shined pair of shoes have. This is why we offer you are New Shoes - Ready to Wear service where we will prepare your shoes for a nice first stroll! Our professionals work with only the best products from Saphir Médaille d'Or to make your shoes ready. Every single step in the process is executed by hand, looking after the smallest details your shoes may have. In total, the Shoecare Service Basic treatment takes about 30 minutes (excluding drying etc.). If you would like your shoes to be slightly adjusted in terms of colour, this is, within ranges, possible as well. Creating a lighter colour is unfortunately not possible, darkening your shoes is.

This treatment in short:

Shine & Recolour Potential recolouring and shining with the use of shoe cream and shoe wax
High Gloss finish Creating a high gloss shine

How does our shoeshine service work?
1. Order the service on our website.
2. Send your shoes to our office. After ordering you will receive a message with more instructions.
3. As soon as we have received your shoes, we'll start the treatment in our workplace.
4. Your shoes are finished! We send them back to you and they are ready to be enjoyed once again!

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