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Shoe care service - expert+

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Let your shoes be shined by a professional with the shoeshine service we offer at The ShoeCare-Shop. Our professionals work with only the best products from Saphir Médaille d'Or to revive your shoes. Every single step in the process is executed by hand, looking after the smallest details your shoes may have. In total, the Shoecare Service Expert treatment takes about 90 minutes (excluding drying after cleaning etc.). Of course, we will continue shining until the desired result is met. In our expert program we have included colour colour corrections using leather dye to achieve deeper colours and a longer lasting finish compared to when we use shoe creams and waxes to recolour the leather. You also get a free pair of shoe laces by Saphir to tidy up the look of the shoes.

This treatment in short:

Cleaning Full cleaning of old layers of shoe cream and shoe wax, including stain removal program.

Full renovation of the leather.
Colouring Recolouring by using shoe cream and shoe wax. De edges of the soles will be painted and shined as well. CORRECTIONS USING LEATHER DYE INCLUDED
Shining Shoes will be shined to your wishes. Choice of mat, high gloss and Mirror Shine nose and heel.
Soles The soles will be impregnated with natural oils to slow down wear and tear and to keep out moisture.

How does our shoeshine service work?
1. Order the service on our website.
2. Send us a picture of your shoes at info@distinctly-different.com ( If you are not sure which program to choose you can also send us a picture of your shoes beforehand).
3. Send your shoes to our office. After ordering you will receive a message with more instructions.
4. As soon as we have received your shoes, we'll start the treatment in our workplace.
5. Your shoes are finished! We send them back to you and they are ready to be enjoyed once again!

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