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Renovatrice cream

by Saphir
Colour: 01 Black

Saphir Renovatrice Recolorant for repairing extensive damage to your shoes. Its colouring and filler qualities allow this cream to conceal any deep scratches in the leather. It's also commonly used as sole dressing. Once dry, it will not rub off.

Before using this product please consult our "how to use" instruction below.

Does best: Repairing deep cuts in leather and smoothing sole edges
Also great at: Smoothing sole edges
Most used for: Sole edge dressing
Combine with: -

How to use

Saphir Renovatrice cream is intended for the repair of coarse damage in leather, such as deep scratches, grazes and holes/dents. The most important thing to pay attention to when applying Renovatrice cream is that the colour of the cream matches the colour of the leather. Once this cream has been applied, it cannot be removed.

To optimally treat your shoes with Renovatrice cream you need:
• Saphir Renovatrice cream

1. Clean the shoes with a slightly damp cloth and then let them dry

2. Remove loose pieces of leather (optional)

3. Apply a small amount of Saphir Renovatrice to your finger and press / spread it evenly on the damaged area.

4. Apply until scratches or other damage are filled

5. Let the cream dry for 15 minutes

6. When caring for the soles, apply the cream generously with your finger and spread it evenly. Then let it dry for another 15 minutes.

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