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Fusion shaving set Rytmo (black)

by Mühle
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This 4 piece shaving Rytmo set by Mühle comes with a Gilette Fusion blade, badger hair shaving brush and shaving bowl. All nicely put away in a chrome stand.

The set combines the mordern technology of the Fusion razor with the design and class of shaving the old fashioned way with a shaving brush. It is a great set for a great price.

How to use

A badger hair shaving brush is probably the most important part of your shaving kit. In this guide we explain how to use and maintain the shaving brush.

At the start of the shave, the first step is to soak the shaving brush in warm water. At the same time, the razor is put in warm water so that it is warm during shaving. This way the knife cuts through the stiff hairs better. The brush may be removed from the water after about one or two minutes and lightly shaken. Squeeze it briefly to remove excess water. The brush is now ready to foam up a shaving soap or cream. *Have a look at our shaving creams and shaving soaps for a detailed explanation of how to use these products correctly.

To ensure that your precious brush can last for many years to come, it is important to clean it thoroughly after every shave. This is not always easy because remnants of shaving cream can sink deep into the bristles. The best way is to hold the brush up under a running tap and rinse it well. After about a minute of rinsing, the brush needs to be squeezed out. While squeezing, you can still check whether shaving foam is still leaking from the bristles. Let the brush dry with the bristles down. This way, all the water and last remnants of shaving foam will drip out of the brush instead of into the brush.

One last tip we can give to make the brush last longer is to clean the brush once a year with white vinegar. Mix one part vinegar with nine parts water and soak the brush for two minutes. Dry the brush in a room with sufficient oxygen before storing it again.

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