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Sneaker cleaning

Sneakers are very comfortable shoes, whether they are Nikes, Adidas, Reeboks, New Balance, Asics or another brand. But did you know they last much longer when taking care of them with the right products? Proceed as follows:

To clean
1. Brush your shoe with a brush to remove loose dirt and dust. 
Put a little sneaker cleaner on a damp cotton cloth and rub the cleaner into your sneakers or use for a basic clean Jason Markk Quick Wipes.

To protect
2. After having properly cleaned and fed your sneakers, it is time to protect them during the next times you wear them. 
Spray them with a protector spray of choice. We offer great protector sprays by Jason Markk and Tarrago. This will waterproof your sneakers so moisture will stay outside. 
In addition, dirt adheres less easily to your sneakers so that stains occur less often.

3. If you are not satisfied with the white edges of your soles, you can use Tarrago sneaker Midsole cleanerTarrago sneaker midsole cleaner, uses solvents to clean off any stubborn stains from rubber and synthetic sole edges.

  • Tarrago Protector spray
    Tarrago Protector spray

    Protector spray


    Tarrago sneaker protector spray (125 ml) Protect your shoes and sneakers with the sneaker protector by Tarrago. The protector spray protects all yo...

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  • Saphir Médaille d'Or Natural protector spray
    Saphir Médaille d'Or

    Natural protector spray


    Natural waterproofing spray for leather, suède, nubuck and synthetic materials. This environmentally friendly protector spray from Saphir Médaille ...

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  • Jason Markk Repel spray
    Jason Markk Repel spray
    Jason Markk

    Repel spray


    Jason Markk repel spray (159 ml). Protect your sneakers against dirt and water with Jason Markk's repel spray. The repel spray creates a protectiv...

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