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by Saphir
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Saphir Renomat 100ml. For stain-removing and in-depth cleaning of the pores of smooth leather, removing dirt marks and deposits of products based on resin and silicone. Renomat can be used to remove all the old shoe polish from your shoes so you can start anew. Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-aggressive formula. Best used once every 6-12 months or when treating stains. (depending on how often you wear the shoes and how often you shine them).

Sneaker sole edges
We have tested Saphir Renomat cleaning multiple sneakers. Renomat does a great job removing dark scuffs and stains that would seem otherwise untouched by traditional sneaker cleaners. Renomat can be best used on rubber sole edges, but can also be an effective scuff and stain remover on smooth leather and synthetic surfaces. Please do a small test the first time you use it to make sure it has the effect you are looking for.

Renomat or Saddle soap?
The main difference between these two is that Renomat is great to strip your shoes from old and/or synthetic shoe polish. This cleaner contains just enough solvents to remove shoe polish without affecting the dye in the leather. Renomat is also a great stain remover and can be used on very specific points on the shoes. Saddle soap is a more gentle option compared to the Renomat, and is as the name already reveals a soap so you need to use this product with water. Saddle soap is great for when you want to scrub and wash an entire shoe that collected a lot of dirt.

What is this product good at?

Mirror shining

View our 5-step shoe cleaning guide for a complete description of each step and the associated products.

⦿ Effectively removes old shoe polish from leather shoes so you can start fresh with treating your shoes.
⦿ Renomat can also be used as a stain remover.
⦿ Renomat is easy to use and can be applied directly to your shoes using a cloth.
⦿ Because you don't use water with Renomat, you can proceed directly to polishing after cleaning your shoes.

⦿ Renomat contains a lot of solvent and is therefore not suitable for weekly use. This also means you need to be slightly more careful using Renomat on your shoes and not to use too much.
⦿ Removing the old shoe polish exposes the leather, so you must completely treat the shoes again afterward.

How to use

We recommend using Saphir Renomat when removing dirt and old shoe polish. For example, if you want to remove a synthetic layer of shoe wax from your shoes, it is best to do this with Renomat. After that, you can provide your shoes with a fresh natural wax layer. Tip: To make sure that the leather of your shoe reacts correctly to the Renomat, we recommend that you first apply a small test amount to an inconspicuous area of the shoe.

For a treatment with Renomat you need:
• Saphir Renomat
• Cotton cloth (eg old t-shirt) or
• Saphir applicator cloth

1. Hold the cloth on the opening of the Renomat bottle and turn the cloth and bottle in one movement so that the cloth absorbs the Renomat. (Tip! Not much Renomat is needed to clean the entire shoe, so start with a small amount).

2. Clean the shoe with the Renomat by rubbing it over the leather with small circular movements. In most cases, two turns over one spot are enough to remove the old shoe polish. The cloth will get dirty/dark from the old layers of shoe polish quite quickly. Don't be alarmed by this, because this is normal and also the intention.

3. Wipe the shoes dry briefly after the treatment. Let the shoes dry for 5 minutes before continuing with, for example, a shoe cream or shoe wax.

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