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Shoe care valets

In this category, you will find our luxury shoe care valets. All our valets are built with the utmost care and professionalism. We have versions which are available in cherrywood, burlwood or walnut finish. A valet is a traditional and the best way to store your shoe-polishing gear.
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    The Shoe Care Shop Sneaker cleaning box
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    Sneaker cleaning box


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Shoe Care Valets

Looking for the real deal or do you want to give a loved one a present to remember? In our shop, we have a great selection of shoe care valets varying from under €30, €65 including a product set, up to the most complete and extensive shoe shine set in the world in a beautiful black lacquered box, our Distinctivo Valet, which costs between €600 - €800 (incl. products). In between, we have valets specialised for smooth leather in different levels of treatment, but also a sneaker care valet to keep your sneakers in perfect shape.

Our Valets

We have different models of valets ranging in size, our 28x21,5x16,5cm shoe care valet is available in a walnut, cherry or burlwood finish. The Walnut Shoecare Valet has a rich dark brown colour, and the Cherry Shoecare Valet comes in a beautiful deep burgundy colour, both with gold handles and gold lock. The Burlwood Shoecare Valet has a beautiful brownish patina typical for burlwood and comes with a silver lock and handles. Saphir Médaille d’Or has also made some beautiful valets, some of which are fitted with two drawers. Besides, we have a valet especially for sneaker care, with products from Tarrago or Saphir Médaille d'Or. Our most premium shoeshine valet is the above-mentioned Distinctivo with its beautiful black gloss finish. All our valets can be bought filled with products or empty.


Are you looking for a personal gift for that special person or your beloved one? Great for a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Or maybe you want to create your own exceptional shoe care valet. With our personalisation service, we can make the most elegant laser cut engravings. This way we can guarantee that your shoecare valet is unique.