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You will find the best classic shaving products at The Shoe Care Shop. With these shaving products, you can make your morning routine really fun! Pamper yourself with a luxurious classic safety razor and shaving brush from Edwin Jagger or Mühle. Prefer to stick with your modern razor? Then enrich your shave with a luxurious shaving cream made according to an authentic recipe from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Dress up your bathroom with a luxurious shaving set for the ultimate experience.
  • Mr. Nice Shaving giftbox - brush
    Mr. Nice Shaving giftbox - brush
    Mr. Nice

    Shaving giftbox - brush


    Luxury shaving giftbox with luxury shaving brush. This fun giftbox comes with a nice shaving cream and a badger hair shaving brush. The set is pac...

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Shaving preparation

Before you start your shaving session, you must wash your face with warm water so that pores open and beard hair becomes soft. Ideally, you should shave after a hot shower. Start your shave with a shaving oil or gel to reduce the friction of your razor on the skin.

Shaving brush and shaving foam

Probably the most important part of a comfortable shave is applying shaving cream. Use a good shaving brush to apply shaving foam from a shaving cream or shaving soap. In the past, most shaving brushes were made of badger hair, but today they are made with synthetic badger hair. Very animal friendly. With a good shaving cream or shaving soap, you can shave close to the skin and get the smoothest results.

Modern razor or classic safety razor

A modern Gillette Fusion razor is often faster in the morning, but also less fun to shave with. With a classic safety razor, you stand in front of the mirror with pleasure. It takes some practice the first 2-3 shaves, but after that, you shave just as close, with less skin irritation. Start by placing your razor in hot water to warm it up. A hot razor cuts through hair better and is more hygienic. Try to put as little pressure as possible on the blade while shaving, and let the weight of the razor do the work. In between, often rinse the knife in hot water for the best result.