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Patent leather care guide

Patent leather is a coated type of leather that has a very shiny finish. The leather has been coated with a layer of lacquer that is very glossy. Patent leather shoes were originally worn under a tuxedo with formal events. Nowadays, patent leather shoes are worn with both formal and everyday outfits. When coated leather has been damaged and scratches have formed, it’s not possible to restore this. However, using the right products can easily conceal this.

1. Use a cotton cloth to apply a layer of Saphir Vernis Rife, usually black for black patent leather, but use neutral for any other colours.
2. The Vernis Rife will make scratches black again and conceal them. Let dry and polish with a soft cotton cloth for a beautiful shine and a seemingly new shoe.
3. Vernis Rife can of course also be used for other patent leather products such as bags. Same as for shoes; use black for black patent leather and neutral for all other colours. It also protects and prevents the leather from scratches.
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