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Nappa leather care guide

Nappa usually comes from lamb or sheepskin and is a very delicate kind of leather. Nappa is famous for it’s softness and durability. This is why nappa is a convenient type of leather for al sorts of products such as furniture, shoes and other leather products such as bags and wallets. This soft leather also needs a silky smooth cream for the perfect treatment and maintenance. Saphir has developed a cream especially for nappa, it goes bij the surprising name of Saphir Nappa Cream. This product cleans, nourishes and protects your nappa leather goods against cracking, water and dirt.

1. Wipe clean the leather with a moist cloth and make sure all dirt has been removed.
2. Apply some Saphir Nappa Cream with a cotton cloth and let dry.
3. Now gently brush out with a horsehair brush, the nappa has now been nourished well and has a soft shine.

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