Want to take good care of your shoes? We show you how! | Check our Selection assistant to get started.
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Our luxurious collection of clothing accessories, fashion items and practical tools to hang and store your clothing more efficiently and decently. Our cufflinks, belts and socks lift any outfit to a whole new level. The cedar wood clothes hangers ensure that your clothes can be hung wrinkle-free and neatly in your closet.

Care for your clothing

If you shine your shoes we can’t see why you wouldn’t want to give the same care to your clothing, right? You can brush off the dust with a luxurious cloth brush and restore your clothing’s original vibrant colour. And with a little spray or shampooing from the specialist range of The Laundress, you can keep your garments crease-free and as new for as long as possible.

Shaving and personal care

A modern Gillette Fusion razor is often faster in the morning but definitely less fun to shave with. Why not choose a luxurious safety razor and shaving brush from Edwin Jagger or Mühle. Or at least enrich your shave session with fancy shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street and other must-have facial and body care products. Have a look at our range of shampoos, beard oils and combs, we’ve got you covered!

Shoes, belts, socks, gloves

From head to toe, we’ve got the necessary items to add the finishing touches to your outfit. From classic handcrafted British oxford or derby shoes by Loake 1880 to warm leather gloves by Swedish brand HESTRA. But also luxury leather belts and Pantharella socks made from natural materials such as cotton or wool, which are not always seen but definitely, are not to be forgotten! A beautiful leather belt is indispensable in a good outfit. The Profuomo belts are made of high-quality vegetable-tanned calf leather and can elevate any outfit.

The finishing touches to your beautiful interior

Protect and keep your leather and wooden furniture in good shape with the professional products from AVEL by Saphir. And after caring for that lovely wooden coffee table maybe add one of the beautiful coffee table books from Gestalten on it!

Wardrobe upgrade

Clothes hangers

Keep your clothes in shape with one of our luxury clothes hangers. They will offer the best support for your favourite clothing items keeping them crease free and lasting longer.