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How to wet shave. 5 Tips

How to wet shave. 5 Tips

We talk a lot about the benefits of safety razors and why you need to start wet shaving. But how exactly do you use a safety razor? This is exactly why we wrote a manual about safety razors. So even you can become a razor expert!

Five steps to becoming an expert

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  1. Do not apply pressure! Safety razors don’t require any pressure for a smooth shaving. If you use pressure while using a safety razor, you are likely to injure yourself.
  2. Hair growth direction In order to achieve that smooth result, it is important that you know in which direction your beard grows. Always shave towards beard growth with an angle of about 30 degrees. Shave calm and softly with slow motions and without exerting too much pressure. Begin at the cheeks towards the chin and neck and end with your mustache (stiffest hair).
  3. Tight skin Keep your skin tight with your free hand whilst shaving. This will make shaving easier and reduces risk of cuts
  4. Choose the correct blade There are several knives on the market, all of which fit into your safety razor. Double edge razor blades have different shades of sharpness ranging from 1 to 5. If you just started with wet shaving, it’s best if you start with a blade of sharpness 1. The more experienced you get, the sharper the blade may be.
  5. Regularly rinse Rinse your razor regularly with warm water, so that soap and hair are removed from the razor. This prevents your razor from getting clogged.
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