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4 Pairs of cedar shoe trees

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Cedar shoe trees by Sir Beecs in luxurious design.

Keep your shoes in optimal shape with these cedar shoe trees.

The adjustable split toe enables you to adapt the shoe trees to your shoe. Cedar shoe trees smooth out creases, linings and wrinkles in your shoes, making your shoes last longer and look better. And because of the spring tension design of our cedar trees, your shoes also feel more comfortable.

These shoe trees are made from 100% unvarnished cedar wood. Aromatic cedar is famous for its natural benefits. When unfinished, cedar protects the leather, fabric, stitching and soles of your shoes by absorbing moisture, salts and acid. Additionally, the aromatic cedar deodorises your shoes with a forest-fresh scent.

During the production process of these shoe trees a lot of attention is paid to our quality standards. The front and back part are produced in one run from a solid piece of cedar wood, this ensures the nice alignment of the heel and nose part of the shoe trees. Any imperfections that remain after production are checked and corrected by hand. This way we can guarantee the best available quality for this product. The metal parts used are chosen for their long-lasting qualities, ensuring that these shoe trees still work great in your shoes twenty years from now.

Cedar, full-foot, shoe trees are the foundation of good shoe care and we recommend to start using them as soon as you get your shoes out of the box. We have the shoe trees available in EURO sizes 39 to 50. In case of a size in between, we advise you to choose the next whole size. So if you are a size 43.5, chose a size 44 shoe tree. By adjusting the nose part you can get the shoe trees half a size up or down, enabling you to fit them perfectly for your shoes.

For that great cedar scent, sand your shoe trees lightly once a year to open up the wood again.

How to use

We advise you to buy a pair of shoe trees immediately when you buy a new pair of shoes.

It is important to place the shoe trees in the shoes immediately after wearing them to prevent wrinkles in the leather. The Sir Beecs shoe trees are easily adjustable in width using a Phillips screwdriver. This allows you to adjust the tensioners half a size smaller or larger in length. Because the tensioner is set wider, it will slide less far into the shoe and vice versa.

Caring for your precious shoes starts with a shoe tree. When creases or even cracks appear in the leather, polishing is of little use. So please don't start too late with using a good shoe tree.

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