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Sneaker care

Easily fix up your sneakers yourself with our range of professional sneaker products! From cleaning sneakers to caring for and protecting them, we've got everything you need to take good care of your sneakers. Our range of sneaker care consists of different brands such as Jason Markk, Saphir Médaille d'Or and Tarrago. If you're not entirely sure what you need to take good care of your sneakers, ask our experts for more details!
  • Tarrago midsole cleaner
    Tarrago midsole cleaner

    Midsole cleaner


    Tarrago Midsole cleaning cream 50ml With this effective midsole cleaner you will get those white soles as good as new in no time.  This cream clean...

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Which products do I need to treat my sneakers well?

To keep your sneakers up-to-date, or clean them after a rainy day in the park you need a couple of products in your sneaker care kit. Jason Markk is a worldwide leader when it comes to sneaker care and was a pioneer who started selling specialised sneaker products in 2007. The brand Jason Markk has grown rapidly ever since and is now available all over the globe. Another great sneaker care brand is Tarrago, part of the French Saphir. With those two brands, you cannot go wrong. The process of sneaker care consists of a couple of steps. The first step, cleaning the sneaker, is the most important part. Both Jason Markk and Tarrago have sublime cleaning products to meet every need. Your shoes will be cleaned thoroughly, while respecting the materials they have to cleanse. Besides cleaning, your sneakers should also be nourished and protected from moisture and dirt. Both brands have several lotions and sprays to do this. So next time you are on the verge of throwing away your sneakers, clean them by using products from our extensive sneaker care collection, and your sneakers will endure a great deal longer!

Sneakers: day in, day out, a true companion. So treat them well!

Oh, aren't they comfortable? Whether they are made by Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok or Asics, they will make sure your trip to wherever will be comfortable and easy and the world can be discovered without worrying about your footwear. Sneakers are available in a huge variety of models with their own different purposes, features and fits but have one thing in common: they provide a great deal of comfort. Sneakers can last a long time, provided that you take good care of them. If you don't look after them, chances are they will be dirty in no time. Especially leather uppers or suède, as well as white sole edges are susceptible to getting dirty. This, of course, is a terrible shame and doesn’t have to happen. Look after your favourite sneakers with products from our extensive sneaker care range, they will make sure your sneakers will be squeaky clean again and your sneakers will be enjoyed much longer!